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Finance Minister Penny Wong becomes a parent Breaking News Penny Wong Politics 

Finance Minister Penny Wong becomes a parent

The federal Finance Minister of Australia, Penny Wong, has welcomed a new addition to her family. Newly birthed, Alexandra, was born in Adelaide’s Women and Children’s hospital. The baby was born 9 days early. However, the baby is in healthy condition and is showing signs of a healthy development.The impending birth was announced back in August. Senator Wong, was unsure of whether to announce the birth or tell anyone for that matter; which is understandable, as some in the Australian community are in fact opposed to gay marriage and birth….

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US troops withdraw from Iraq Breaking News Global News Latest News US troops 

US troops withdraw from Iraq

The last of the US troops in Iraq left the Country and headed to Kuwait. The end of the almost 9 years of fighting has come to an official end for the US. Almost 4,500 American casualties occurred during the war. Is the Country in better shape than when the U.S. first invaded it? Only history will be able to decipher if it was worth it or not, but wither way the final troops leaving Iraq were elated to be leaving and heading back home.The price of the war was…

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Hot Air Balloon Crash Kills 11 People Breaking News Hot Air Balloon Latest News Special Interest 

Hot Air Balloon Crash Kills 11 People

Family and friends are grieving over the loss of 11 people who tragically died in a hot air balloon crash in New Zealand. The tragedy happened last weekend after the hot air balloon hit an electrical wire and caught on fire. The balloon tumbled down while aflame and crashed onto a field next to Carterton. It is reported that two passengers have jumped to their deaths before the balloon made its crash landing with the pilot and the other 8 passengers.Commander inspector Brent Register commented “this is not a quick…

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PlayStation Vita, to be released in Australia Breaking News Latest News playstation 

PlayStation Vita, to be released in Australia

It’s just a matter of days before PlayStation Vita is set to make it’s Australian debut. The game maker ‘Sony’ announced in October that the game would be released in Australia on February 23. As the date gets closer, game aficionados, are waiting anxiously for the game’s release. There are two versions of the game set to be released, and the prices have also been announced. The WiFi version will sell for $346.00, the second version, the 3 version will sell for $450.00. Many experts in the field, have reported…

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President Obama Welcomed In Australia As He Faces Down China Breaking News Business Global News President Obama 

President Obama Welcomed In Australia As He Faces Down China

United States President Barak Obama made a surprising announcement on his trip to Australia. During a joint news conference with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, the US President announced an expansion of the U.S. military presence in Australia. According to President Barack Obama, “the United States plans to position more U.S. personnel and equipment here, and increase American access to bases”. Eventually the United States Marines will have a unit of nearly 2,500 men, but next year a company of 250 marines will be based in the northern city of…

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A Novated Car Lease, it’s car finance in your pay slip Breaking News Finance Latest News Novated car Lease Novated Lease cars Salary sacrifice Novated 

A Novated Car Lease, it’s car finance in your pay slip

Novated car lease exmapleThe table below is an example of the savings you could make with Novated Leasing. The table is designed around an annual salary of $60,000 with a car valued at $30,000. You can see from the table there is a saving of $2,144 with packing a Novated Lease over a one year timeframe.What a Novated Lease can save and where do the figures come from?If you want to know more about all these savings, check out a Novated car Lease calculator and enter your details to find…

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Deadly Earthquake Hits Turkey Breaking News Deadly Earthquake Hits Turkey Global News 

Deadly Earthquake Hits Turkey

Early on Sunday morning, Turkey was devastated by a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake that killed 85 people and has left hundreds more missing beneath the destruction and debris.As the horrible scene of tradgedy was unfolding after the quake, thousands of people took to the streets amidst screams of panic and horror with shovels and any type of object that could help to move the fallen debris in the hopes of saving more people that may be burried underneath the destroyed buildings.Although the earthquake hit Turkey, one of the most devastated…

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Reserve Bank of Australia cuts rates again Breaking News Finance Latest News Reserve Bank of Australia 

Reserve Bank of Australia cuts rates again

The Reserve Bank of Australia in an effort to spur the sluggish Australian financial situation has cut interest rates from 4.75 % to 4.5 %. The cut in interest rates is the first in Australia since April of 2009. Trying to get Australians to spend more especially during the Christmas season is seen as one of the motivating causes for the cut in interest rates in Australia. Another cause is the growing concern of the Reserve Bank of the world’s unsettled stock markets behaviors in recent months. This action by…

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