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US troops withdraw from Iraq

The last of the US troops in Iraq left the Country and headed to Kuwait. The end of the almost 9 years of fighting has come to an official end for the US. Almost 4,500 American casualties occurred during the war. Is the Country in better shape than when the U.S. first invaded it? Only history will be able to decipher if it was worth it or not, but wither way the final troops leaving Iraq were elated to be leaving and heading back home.The price of the war was cost almost 800 billion dollars. Many people believe we should have spent that money back home in the United States and that may have kept our economy from collapsing. Others feel strongly that we have been able to protect the US from another terrorist strike partly because of our actions in the original strike and the killing of Saddam Hussein.The attacks and fighting is by no means over as the Iraqi people still have a lot of work to do to keep peace over there, however American involvement is with the warfare has officially come to an end.Around 4,000 troops will remain in Kuwait until early next year. In case of an insurgency uprising these troops will be able to rapidly respond and move back into the region if needed. As the US Troops withdraw it is imperative for the Iraqi Army to continually seek out and destroy terrorists who are still in the area.Violence in the region is at a much lower level then it was during the height of the warfare, however terrorist acts and bombing is still a regular part of the Iraqis day to day life. Only time will tell if the Iraqi people can keep control of their Country or of they will continue to be bombarded by terrorists looking to overtake and control the Country.With the US troops gone it is now a question of regional stability as to whether the Iraq people will flourish or be subject to increasing amounts of warfare. It will take time to see if the Country can be able to withstand attacks and reign as a Democratic Country. For now however most people on all sides seem glad that the Americans troops were finally able to leave the war.

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