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Schefter: Philadelphia Eagles Expected to Request Permission to Interview Gruden

According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter’s Twitter profile, the Philadelphia Eagles  are expected to request permission to interview Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden to fill their head coaching vacancy.









Coaches whose team is taking part in this weekends playoffs are not permitted to take interviews in the week leading up to the game. Once wildcard weekend is over, however, there will be a feeding frenzy of interviews expected to take place.

Eagles officials are reportedly in Arizona to begin conducting interviews with candidates Doug Marrone, Bruce Arians, and Gus Bradley, Mike McCoy, as well as Chip Kelly, who had informed the Browns that he still planned on talking with the team despite the increasing belief that he ends up accepting the job with Cleveland.

Philadelphia’s long embraced, former, QB Donovan McNabb believes that hiring Oregon Duck’s head coach Chip Kelly would be a “mistake”. McNabb insists that the Eagles should target a defensive-minded assistant who can help discipline the Eagles roster.

“I would say the next move now is to move to a defensive-minded coach,” said McNabb via Comcast SportsNet on Thursday. “Have someone come in here and be able to get these guys disciplined, understanding what they have to do, being gap-sound, being in the right position at all times, and then bring an offensive guru in — someone who can run an offense and run it effectively.”

Nonetheless, it is very clear the Eagles brass are not going to rush to a decision, which is good and bad. Good because it means they are doing as much homework as possible on each candidate…or so it would seem. Bad because if they wait to long it might be to late.

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