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PlayStation Vita, to be released in Australia

It’s just a matter of days before PlayStation Vita is set to make it’s Australian debut. The game maker ‘Sony’ announced in October that the game would be released in Australia on February 23. As the date gets closer, game aficionados, are waiting anxiously for the game’s release. There are two versions of the game set to be released, and the prices have also been announced. The WiFi version will sell for $346.00, the second version, the 3 version will sell for $450.00. Many experts in the field, have reported that these are extremely competitive prices, and believe that sales will be brisk. The experts went on to say, that the lead up to the games release, can result in extremely high sales, the first week of release. According to Sony spokesman, Micheal Ephraim, the game, is made and designed with state of the art features. He went on to say that the game will offer it’s users a never before, “revolutionary” experience. Ephraim who is in charge of the Australia and New Zealand markets, says he is extremely excited about the games release in Australia. He said the game offers it’s users the ability to connect to social media, giving it’s users the ability to connect to others, HE said this is truly a front runner in games on the go.Consumers who are hoping for the best deal are advised to shop around. Some consumers who hope to buy the PlayStation Vita at bigger retailers like Target or K-Mart may have to wait a while. According to reports big retailers, are not planning on have the game in stock on the game’s Australia launch day of February 23. It has been suggested that these larger retailers will hold off on stocking the PlayStation Vita, due to their long held strategy have stocking lower prices items. It is believed that these larger retailers will eventually stock the game as the prices typically come down substantially after a release date. Sony was quick to respond to the larger retailer’s claims. Sony claims, that they never intended to launch the game to larger retailers at first. Their plan from the beginning was to make game available to speciality game retailer. The strategy employed here, is that Sony believes that game will most likely draw, the most active game players, and will have increased popularity as the game becomes more widely known. Sony representatives, say they have a very carefully planned strategy for these hand-held games. They believe they will steadily grow new fans and users, and as it does, the game will be available in larger retail outlets. They are expecting continues growth, as they have with other such games.

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