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Giants Put Stamp on Reid Finale, Blast Eagles 42-7 Andy Reid Eagles Michael Vick New York Giants 

Giants Put Stamp on Reid Finale, Blast Eagles 42-7

The Philadelphia Eagles started out on the right track in Week 17, much like the 2012 season. They recovered an onside kick and were driving into Giants territory on the first drive of the game. Then they did what they do best, the collapsed. Michael Vick bobbled a snap on a 2nd and 10 and threw a pick on a 3rd and 12. The Giants scored on their first offensive possession and never really looked back.

The Giants scored the first 21 points of the game, gave up one touchdown and then scored 21 more points. To be fair, the Giants could have put up 70 points if they really wanted to. It’s not Coughlin’s style to run up the score to send a message. Making the playoffs would have sent enough of a message, although that message won’t be sent after Chicago beat Detroit.

The Eagles finish the 2012 season at 4-12 with all four of their wins being very close games that they won by a grand total of 6 points. Two of those games could have become losses had the defense not dropped an interception on the Eagles go-ahead drive and they needed a missed field goal as time expired to beat the Giants in Week 4.

The Eagles season isn’t the only thing that ended on Sunday. Andy Reid has all but been assured that he will be fired officially on Monday morning. He will go down as the Eagles’ most successful head coach in the Super Bowl era, but his inability to win a playoff game after the 2008 season and several coaching hires have cost him his job.

Eagles season can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that the 2012 season is over. It might just be the worst season in Eagles history when you consider the expectations, the talent and the end result. Now the Eagles focus turns to the offseason. Every single player who gave a lame performance or showed a lack of effort this season will not have great job security going into next season. New coaching staff for a team that just finished 4-12 means that no one can really feel great about their status with the team, except for maybe Flecher Cox and Evan Mathis.


















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