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Finance Minister Penny Wong becomes a parent

The federal Finance Minister of Australia, Penny Wong, has welcomed a new addition to her family. Newly birthed, Alexandra, was born in Adelaide’s Women and Children’s hospital. The baby was born 9 days early. However, the baby is in healthy condition and is showing signs of a healthy development.The impending birth was announced back in August. Senator Wong, was unsure of whether to announce the birth or tell anyone for that matter; which is understandable, as some in the Australian community are in fact opposed to gay marriage and birth. She made sure to announce as well, that the birth was not a political statement.A new addition to the family for this thrilling holiday season. For those of you who have not yet been informed, Penny Wong, is the first member of the Australian Cabinet to openly admit her preference for the same sex. In fact, Penny Wong, was not the mother of the child, but her partner in life, Sophie Allouache.Ms. Allouache is currently recovering from the stresses of child birth. According to the reports, she is in good condition and well on the road to a healthy recovery.The birth came after a recent debate in the Australian labor parties on gay rights. Ms. Wong led the debate at the Australian national conference only a week before the birth.Many have speculated that this is a possible political move on the couples part; however, federal Finance Minister Wong has denied any such implications on the notion of a politically related birth. Senator Wong stated to the media, “Like any family welcoming a new addition, we are looking forward to spending time at home together and ask for our privacy to be respected at this time.” Senator Wong, was stressing over the birth and the implications it may cause in the political realm, but she wanted a family for personal reason.Penny Wong, has publicly requested that her right to privacy be respected during this time. She is looking forward to spending time with her family in private.The Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, expressed her regards in response to the baby. She congratulated her Minister on the addition to her family.However, not everyone has been as welcoming to the new birth. As is the case of Tony Abbott, one of the outspoken opponents to gay marriage. He and members of similar thought, believe that children should be born into this world to a mother and a father.

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