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Deadly Earthquake Hits Turkey

Early on Sunday morning, Turkey was devastated by a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake that killed 85 people and has left hundreds more missing beneath the destruction and debris.As the horrible scene of tradgedy was unfolding after the quake, thousands of people took to the streets amidst screams of panic and horror with shovels and any type of object that could help to move the fallen debris in the hopes of saving more people that may be burried underneath the destroyed buildings.Although the earthquake hit Turkey, one of the most devastated areas was the city of Ercis, a city which is close to the Iranian border and has a population of around 75,000 people. 55 miles north in the city of Van, even more devastation transpired, making Van the second hardest hit area after Ercis.Of the 85 people who are said to have died in the earthquake, most of the casualities are being reported from Ercis, in which 59 of the 85 confirmed dead have been found. Add another 25 casualities in the city of Van, and it’s plain to see where most of the devastation has taken place. People in the area are desperately trying to reach missing loved ones by cell phones, but many calls are going unanswered which is making officials believe that the death toll might even be higher.Besides the deaths involved, there are many more injured people. Medical aid is being brought in to help to ease the suffering of those who have been injured, and people are pulling together to help each other through this horrible tradgedy. Many survivors are planning to spend the night camping outside, since most residences have been ruined or made uninhabitable, with luckier ones having friends or relatives to stay with for their nightly arraingements. Hopefully in the coming hours resources will be provided to help those suffering in camps outside because it is getting colder and the electricity is out.After the quake, there has been a report of at least 10 aftershocks in the 10 hours after the massive quake with one even reaching a magnitude of 5.9. Clearly, the entire area is worried the massive destruction and possiblity of even more widespread deaths to be found in the coming hours, and the entire scene is one of destruction and despair. As one onlooker said, “We can hear screaming from under the debris. We need to get those people out!” And hopefully, they will get out so that no more suffering may take place for the poor people of Turkey.

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