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Chip Kelly Update: Chip Still Meeting With Eagles Brass

Welcome to Chip Kelly watch. As of about 9:45 eastern time, Kelly was still meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles. Why is this news worthy? Well, because Kelly was supposed to be meeting with the Browns and their lawyers to probably hammer out a 5 year contract. Kelly’s lunch date with the Eagles has turned into a dinner and a night out.

Is Kelly just trying to squeeze every penny out of the Eagles before he signs a contract with the Browns or is he seriously considering becoming the next head coach in Philadelphia? Nothing is certain right now, including Kelly signing contract with either the Browns or Eagles, but maybe Kelly is having a hard time turning down a deal to coach in the northeast(where he is from) for an already talented roster. Heck, maybe Kelly doesn’t want to leave until the Vikings-Packers game is over. What we do know is that Andy Reid has a meeting scheduled with the Arizona Cardinals, but after meeting with the Kansas City Chiefs for about 9 hours, decided to cancel that meeting.

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