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Chip Kelly: Great Hire or Next Steve Spurrier? Chip Kelly Eagles Oregon Ducks 

Chip Kelly: Great Hire or Next Steve Spurrier?

In the next 48 hours Chip Kelly will become the next head coach of either the Philadelphia Eagles or the Cleveland Browns. At least that is what my general feeling is. The Browns are scheduled to interview Kelly on Friday afternoon and will do everything in their power to make sure he doesn’t leave without signing a contract. If he lives Cleveland, which I believe he will(what hot coaching candidate would only interview for one city?), Philadelphia will be his next stop.

The general feeling from most NFL fanbases is pretty split on Chip Kelly as a NFL head coach. Some believe he could be the next great head coach in the NFL, some see him as a gimmick coach from college who will fair no better than Steve Spurrier.

What should Eagles fans expect if Lurie hires Chip Kelly? This is a very likely scenario and is something Eagles fans should be preparing themselves. What type of coach is Kelly going to be an the NFL?

The common misconception with Kelly is that he runs an offense with a running back at quarterback who can occasionally complete a few passes. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The key for his offense is getting as many plays off as possible, spreading the defense out, solid blocking from every single player on the field and quickness from the skill position players.

Kelly believes that total plays on offense is more important than the actual time of possession. It makes a lot of sense and is something that any other coach should have figured out a long time ago. How do you wear a defense out? Do you wear them out by taking 40 seconds to run each play, thus giving the defense about 30-40 seconds between plays and plenty of time to adjust to the offense’s formation or do you run the next offensive play as quickly as possible? The quicker an offense is between plays the less time a defense has to adjust to the next play, rest between plays and sub in different players.

He also loves to spread the defense out. When you come out with your quarterback in the shotgun with one running backs and three or four wide receivers the defense has to show if they are running man or zone based on how they line up against the receivers. The quarterback also finds the safeties and decides if they are playing the run or the pass more. From here, the quarterback can audible to another play if need be.

Blocking, especially by the tight ends and wide receivers, is crucial in Kelly’s offense. It should be crucial in any offense, but especially in Kelly’s. This is where bigger wide receivers come in. When your receivers can win the one-on-one blocking matchups to the outside, you can generate a lot of big plays on the ground if the offensive tackles can create the edge.

Speed and quickness is also a big part of the Chip Kelly offense. You saw that in the Fiesta Bowl from Oregon. The passing offense is based more on yards after the catch with a lot of quick passes and screens. When your offense has its timing down and the blockers are winning the one-on-one battles, you don’t need to throw the football 30 yards down the field to generate big plays. That doesn’t mean that this offense can’t be a vertical passing offense, but it doesn’t have to be.

This isn’t an offense that needs to be run be a fast quarterback. A quarterback who moves well in the pocket, can roll out, takes care of the football and gets the ball out quickly is much more important than the quarterback’s 40 time.

Don’t think of his offense as a gimmicky, speed offense. Think of it as a team based, efficient offense. It’s 11 players each doing their job to the best of their ability. If you don’t give maximum effort, take care of the football and win your one-on-one matchups you won’t play.

After a season of dysfunction, turnovers and piss poor effort, Chip Kelly would be a nice change in Philly.















































































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