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Andy Reid Had His Eye On San Diego Since Week 6 Andy Reid Eagles San Diego Chargers 

Andy Reid Had His Eye On San Diego Since Week 6

According to a source close to Philly Sports Nut, Andy Reid has been working on become the San Diego Chargers next head coach since Week 6. According to the source, Reid was informed that unless Philadelphia did not make it to the Super Bowl he would not return for a fifteenth season.

Also, the arrests and repeated run-in’s with the law by his children, which brought bad publicity to the Eagles organization apparently played a role in this move.

This should come as no surprise to Eagles fans or anyone that knows Reid. He has a house in San Diego and after was has been a really tough 18 months in Philadelphia with all the bad decisions by Reid, the struggles in 2011 and the death of his son, Reid could use a change of scenery right about now.

If Reid did have his heart set on San Diego in 2012, it would explain a lot of the issues the Eagles had this season. Why wasn’t Jim Washburn fired earlier in the season, or last season when he was referring to the Eagles defensive coordinator as “Juanita”? Why were the Eagles so poorly fundamentally sound? Maybe it is because Reid didn’t want to be here anymore.

This would also explain why it appeared that several of the Eagles players had quit on the season at some point. It’s hard to go to battle for a coach who is already thinking about next year in a new city. If this is true, it is incredibly disappointing for a coach who has always been a stand up guy.

Also in the rumor mill, Chris Mortenson is reporting that the Eagles might be going after Penn State coach, Bill O’Brien. O’Brien has done an incredible job in his first season with the Nittany Lions when you consider everything he has had to deal with. He should get several phone calls from NFL teams with a job opening. The only question is whether he will answer the phone or not.

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