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A Novated Car Lease, it’s car finance in your pay slip

Novated car lease exmapleThe table below is an example of the savings you could make with Novated Leasing. The table is designed around an annual salary of $60,000 with a car valued at $30,000. You can see from the table there is a saving of $2,144 with packing a Novated Lease over a one year timeframe.What a Novated Lease can save and where do the figures come from?If you want to know more about all these savings, check out a Novated car Lease calculator and enter your details to find out what you’ll pay, what you’ll save and how it all works out. The calculator which is linked in this section will give you all the relevant information so you’ll know what to budget for.Calculators simply work out the saving by using a tried and tested formula. They work out the payments by going through all of the totals and dividing them into the monthly or sometimes weekly segments for the duration of the lease.Why is this better than other leases?Simply put novated leasing beats all other forms of leasing because it’s all tied into your salary and in some circumstances (like with fully managed novated leases where fuel, mantainance, roadside and rego are included) customers wont pay GST (goods and services tax) on the ongoing costs. For this reason and because novated leasing is an ATO approved salary packaging service (Australian Tax office) the novated lease really is the thinking persons car finance product.Novated car lease table

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