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The Odyssey of the economic crisis stops in Berlin News 

The Odyssey of the economic crisis stops in Berlin

It is at this time discussing how to solve the dire economic situation in Greece is facing serious crisis. The epicenter of the crisis at the moment is where Berlin is holding an important meeting between the International Monetary Fund in the front line of the man himself Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the European Central Bank President Trichet.
From what emerges in these hours will help to Greece with a budget of over 100 billion in three years of which as claimed by the leaders of German Social Democratic Party, the German contribution is not less than 25 billion euros.
SIYesterday the wake of the economic crisis Greek European stock markets have collapsed and now there’s also the first negative data from Japan with the Nikkei closing at -2.57. In particular, further to weigh a ton on the future is the Greek ulterore cut the rating by Standard and Poor’s has downgraded Greece AA BB + from BBB + on negative outlook, judging practically garbage.
Eurostat Meanwhile, while the deficit rises again from 12.9% to 13.6%, while Finance Minister Papacostantinou about 14% short, greek prime minister urges European assistance, practical help, money, a lot of money.
The EU’s position in this regard is still delicate in particular due to the conditions set by German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a condition for aid to a three-year recovery plan that is convincing and in the meantime as Tremonti said the neighbor’s house is on fire.
Italy for the neighborhood is ready to launch a decree of aid by 5.5 billion euros and even the International Monetary Fund is considering at this time plan of 10 billion.
Meanwhile in Europe the negotiations go on trying to overcome obstacles and EU President Van Rompuy has no doubts “about the debt restructuring.

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