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The crisis must not stop the green incentives News 

The crisis must not stop the green incentives

How to support a policy of incentives Renewables at a time of very difficult economic situation? What are the procedures that enable intelligent incentive to limit public expenditures, but not stop the green positive stimulus of the economy?
Topic of our most important: the economic failure and capital of Greece is under the eyes of all. The possible default of Spain and Portugal are slowing down the European stocks. Thus, the economic measure that the government is launching does not come by chance. It ’s inevitable that the Italian economic policy respond strongly to economic and financial crisis that is putting the crisis in Euro. On the other hand the incentive scheme, which operated from engine energy efficiency, can not be sacrificed on the altar of these economic needs quotas.
The incentives have favored it as well as energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions and therefore the achievement of targets set by Brussels 20-20-20, were, in most cases, an engine of economic growth.
As mentioned in a post I wrote last week, the Energy Bill was powerful creator of the creation of 20 thousand jobs in the photovoltaic sector, which has installed more than 70 thousand installations during 2009. Just as the income tax deduction of 55% for energy regeneration in the last four years has brought the economy of 4 billion euros more than the loss of income State.
Geol readers have been shown to fully understand the economic difficulties across Europe, but proved equally aware of the potential of providing the renewable energy sector. From this spirit were born some intelligent proposals. A reader suggested a policy of incentives based on the bill in installments.
So, buying a heat pump or solar panel is spread over a bill giving financial assistance to families who decide breath to install it. Some others have suggested allowing the financial plans to borrow money at preferential rates, others talk of green bonus, so every person who installs renewable products receive discount on fuel excise.
The ideas are many and all converging towards the same goal: Do not give up the positive trend that the green economy is generating. Do not give up a collective investment of great value to our future, finding ways to fund this smart green growth.

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