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Student sports games

Will be held May 19 to 21 at the sports ground of Ostuni, the student inter-Sports Games, which will involve pupils in the fourth and fifth classes of the second Learning Circle San Vito Norman. The event, now in its twenty second year, is organized by the Sports and Education of the City of Ostuni, in collaboration with the Provincial Education Office and the municipalities of Carovigno of Brindisi, San Vito Norman, Mastercard Discover and Villa Castelli . Participate in the educational directorates of the first, second and third circle of Ostuni, and all circles involved in the teaching of Commons. On 19 May at 17 is provided for the gathering of athletes in the market place. Then there will be a march and a parade that will head to the sports ground where, after greeting the authorities, the demonstration activities will take place: the choreography will be treated by the three circles of the host city, and the theme this year is that the tourist city of Ostuni.
After the arrival of the torch-bearer and switching of the tripod, you will sing the National Anthem, then read the athlete’s prayer, and then will take the oath ceremony. On 20 May at 9am you will enter the live event with the start of the games: mixed routes and high jump. Sprinting: heats. Relay: heats. Tournament four doors, precampo. On May 21 at the same time the tournament will be played four-door, precampo for the finale of the third and fourth. The final sprint, the game of the four doors, precampo, and finally the final relay. All games will involve pupils and students of the fourth and fifth classes. At the end of the final races will greet the authorities and will be held after the awards ceremony.
“Movement and Sport – said Maria Concetta Siciliano, headmaster of the second Club of San Vito – are part of the school curriculum for all pupils: compliance, healthy competition, fairness to the adversary are the principles of sport and even of life. The school has among its main tasks, to convey values and does so in an incomparable way of using sport as an educational channel. We are inspired by the International Charter of Physical Education and Sport in spreading the culture Motor Education as an opportunity for training, growth, prosperity and social and not a mere struggle for victory and the result. “

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