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Political fantasy, hard reality News 

Political fantasy, hard reality

It just felt the need for a new party. To fill the gap has done in a jiffy, Pier Ferdinando Casini. It also spoke to Pier Luigi Bersani, met in a meeting of merchants and craftsmen whose associations got together to count more. Already there was, with Pier Luigi Pierferdy insisted on the need to forge a government of “public health”.
The Sound of Music, who is ravaging the country and who should save it, led by Berlusconi. A sort of armistice until the current head of the government find another location. Of course the game would Casini, perhaps with a ministry of heavy ones. But to pursue this plan needs a brand new party, embarking on new characters whose names are daily attention of columnists, background, simple reporters.
What makes you the Pierferdy fast? Remove all the leadership of his party, he says, to give life to the Nation Party. There. In fact this party there yet, but already there are managers who Casini door away. Then he can accept another, Francesco Rutelli, the inventor of a handful called Apis, known only for public television appearances that the dedication.
Would not it be decent for someone who has served as mayor of the Capitol, one of the founders of the Democratic Party, moving their arms and baggage nell’Udc that Rome has allied with Polverini launching the slogan “we the best,” . We have seen that have the “best”, just scroll down the list of Regione Lazio.
There is always hope that this new party is not, comes the award-courting Luca Cordero di Montezemolo. It would be like cheese on macaroni. Feel how it sounds good: Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Honorary President of the Nation.
Hear about the nation could also attract Fini, Berlusconi and his courtiers could if the PDL kick him out. About courtiers, one that goes for more, given also the misfortune of Bondi, called “gross” as he himself confesses, his name is George Stracquadamio who not only claims that MPs are paid more, “according to meritocratic principles “But remember that Berlusconi was a close friend of P2 Licio Gelli, was convinced that” P2 was just a club, a way of creating relationships, life. ”
Peter Bersani storm
Closed the terms, back to fantasy scenario of Italian politics. There is a daily torment Peter Bersani. The heels, wants the secretary of Pd show the name of the candidate for the premiership. Now, just though expected to vote in three years. You never know, he says, better be prepared. Possibly out of a group of party leaders, one that brings peace. I name, furbeggia, but I would not want to burn. Bersani says that is not the time, we must build an alternative government, a program, a project. Sniffs the air is not too clear air that circulates in the house he owns pro tempore. Some people even see the return in style Veltroni, who also heads a foundation as D’Alema.
The return of Veltroni
The evil they see a signal in the direction of possible candidacy of Walter in his speech that the former mayor of Rome has taken the Assembly minority piddina. He again raised the issue of “calling party to a majority,” not seeking alliances that wants to win alone. Exactly, say the malicious candidate alone. Then, still in PD, there are those who give him eight days to Bersani, as it was once the servants, who feels uncomfortable when he hears that say “left” is taken from terrible allergies. But going further to the left the situation does not console us.

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