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Grassroots Day, the feast of all! News 

Grassroots Day, the feast of all!

Football fans visiting Madrid continue to have fun waiting for the UEFA Champions League final between FC Bayern Munich and Inter Milan.
The challenge on Saturday is preceded by events that transformed the week in a genuine festival of football. Wednesday UEFA Grassroots Day has allowed young and old to experience the joys that only sport can give, while the UEFA Champions Festival in Retiro Park (Plaza del Angel caído) allows to get closer than ever at the most coveted prize European football clubs.
UEFA Grassroots Day was the focal point of activities for the promotion of grassroots football in Europe. In the most important week of the year, the event underscores the spirit of the UEFA Cup that the elite could never exist without a solid foundation. At the same time, the football must be open to all.
“It’s an important week for soccer, UEFA, the Spanish Football Federation for the club and for Europe – said UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino -. Madrid has worked hard to contribute to the success of this event. There are magic and passion, or the things we love most about this sport. In the future, this event will become a tradition and Wednesday before the final there will always be the Grassroots Day When it comes to the highest level, we can not forget those lower. Today, this festival covers all Europe and involves all those who love football. ”
The Grassroots Day has affected all 53 federations registered with UEFA, each of which could advertise their programs with a range of activities. In preparation for the event was also prepared a Web site
“This is the Grassroots Day, the first ever, and the idea was to approach the maximum level of football to make everyone understand that this is the same thing – said UEFA technical director Andy Roxburgh -. We designed to celebrate the grassroots across Europe through a dedicated website with articles, lessons on football, downloadable videos, blogs and tips. The grassroots is not just the powerhouse of tomorrow’s champions, is primarily a social instrument, but it is equally true that all samples have parties there. ” Former Real Madrid CF Fernando Hierro, Luis Figo and Raul Gonzalez – in turn grew in the lower categories – attended the press conference of Grassroots Day to offer its support to basic programs of UEFA. The three former champions have stressed the importance of grassroots football. Figo said: “When I was little I played with so many kids who for one reason or another, have not reached the top. It is important to find joy and happiness in football.”
One of the highlights of Grassroots Day was the delivery of three the UEFA Grassroots Awards. The award for best leaders went to the person who has stood out more in this area. The award for best design went to the federation, region or institution that organized the best program, while the award for best club in grassroots football has completed the awards.
Meanwhile, on Saturday opened the Champions Festival, for people of all ages. This is where the trophy of the UEFA Champions League is exposed to the public, while the Theatre League offers audiovisual exclusive with the most memorable moments in the competition.
The museum displays memorabilia League clubs and players of the strongest teams in Europe. In the days of meeting with the ambassadors, fans can meet legendary players and improve their skills with appropriate practice sessions.
The UEFA Young Champions tournament with the participation of young people aged 10 to 16 years. In addition, UEFA took the opportunity to present their social responsibility programs and other activities at its booth, where visitors can test their football knowledge and win prizes. Finally, takes place Saturday at 14:00 Ultimate Match Champions, an exclusive exhibition match with former international players .

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